Who We Are

We Are Data Experts

We are an Australian data and analytics services company

Dasolma is a leading strategic data consulting and services firm in Australia that focuses on helping companies drive transformational change that improves data processes, reduces costs, and increases revenue. Our blend of consulting services and product-based data solutions allows us to deliver true end-to-end solutions, from strategy through delivery, to our client base.

Australia data and analytics services company
strategic data consulting

Highly qualified data professionals

How do we create awesome data and analytics solutions? By putting great data engineers in charge! Everyone on our team is a data expert, from entry-level data developers to the most senior executives.

At Dasolma, innovation is about more than technology – it’s also about the people and ideas that make us focused on our clients' needs. We are flexible to deal with your specific situation or idea while remaining knowledgeable in every aspect of what we do best.

highly qualified data professionals
Customer satisfaction is our top priority

Customer satisfaction is our top priority

We invest time and energy in learning about you and your organization because we want to be the best partner for your needs. We understand that different organizations have unique needs and values so we work hard at understanding yours in order to get things done right from day one.

Our individualized approach is what makes us different from other companies. Not just because of how flexibly customizable our rates are but also due to what sets each client apart: their own particular finance strategy based on either outcomes (results), hours billed at an hourly rate combined with expenses incurred during the job (time/materials) or by paying upfront for a set of hours over certain periods as needed (retainer agreement).

Our data and analytics services

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." Albert Einstein

Our Founder

Gabriel Neagu

With 20 years of data and analytics expertise in banking, wealth management, insurance, financial and government services, Gabriel's work experience spans three continents: Europe, North America, and Australia. In Australia he worked for Westpac Banking Corporation, one of the "big four" banks employing over 40,000 Australians and serving 13 million customers.

In United States, Gabriel worked for Navy Mutual Aid Association, an organisation supporting US military active duty and retired families with financial services like life insurance and annuity products.

Before founding Data Management & Solutions company (DASOLMA for short), Gabriel was a senior government executive, one of over 25,000 public servants working at Transport for NSW (TfNSW), the statutory authority of the New South Wales Government in charge of managing transport services in the state of NSW, Australia's oldest and most populous state.